About Me

Rock Port, Massachusetts, 2015

Hello there! Thank You so much for visiting my website. I really hope you enjoy the time that you spend here.

I’m Martin Timmer, I was born in Hungary on 20th of October in 1996. My parents are photographers and self-employers since 1994. When I was growing up I was always interested in what they are doing. I remember when I got a new camera and I went out with my mom to take some photos in the downtown as firstly. So I started everything about 2010 and I’m still doing it. I really love the wedding and portrait photography.

I love traveling around Europe. I visited over 10 countries. I had a chance to go to the United Stated in 2015. I went to New York City, Boston, and Washington DC. I’m literally falling in love with the US culture, east and the west coast, I love the US National Parks everything which is like American.
For a while, I lived and worked in the United Kingdom in the Lake District in 2016. I had some experience in the Catering Industry for a few month. It was a great chance to learn something new. I loved the Lakes.

Over the past few years, I have gained some experience on high school graduation events with more than 3000 participants each, smaller family events and more than 30 weddings, sports events, bodybuilding photography, architectural photography and more. 

I have already made wedding moviesvideo clipsimage/PR movies. In 2014 I’ve worked at own 16 weddings so far and I’ve made a couple of wedding highlights clips. You can check them at the ’’Wedding movies’’ tab. 

I’m really grateful for the chance to meet my role model who is the director & editor of his firm, Peter Tokay and I’ve met also with my “Wedding God” – my master, his name is Andras Schram. We have a photo together:

1398947_650369488341373_2088247814_o27th October 2013 in Budapest, Hungary

16th July 2015 in Manhattan, NYC, NY

tumblr_nfryzwvbUP1smkd7yo1_12801st November 2014 in Versailles, France